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We uncover the intersections where your passion overlaps with customer's needs and use those insights to develop creative ways to improve your brand's voice in a compelling way. Taking ideas and bringing them to life by naming, branding, positioning, website, promotion, packaging or a myriad of other ways is how we make a difference for our clients. 

Nevin Nolder III , Brand Cat Founder

Nevin Nolder III, Brand Cat Founder

After many years and a few different desks at General Mills, working with brands such as Häagen-Dazs and Green Giant, a couple of attorneys asked Nevin to take a look at their brand identity and website. After digging around a bit he was amazed at the lack of creativity in the world of lawyering, after all why should Betty have all the fun?

The project resulted in a refreshing new way of bringing the firm's personality and relationship with their clients to life, taking them beyond the functional to a much more meaningful level. 

Nevin founded Brand Cat in the Spring of 2014.

Alongside the brand building experience, Nevin's got passion for great design, as the lead for visual strategy of the Betty Crocker brand he pioneered methods to assure compliance along with inspired design across all touch-points for the integrated marketing team.   

Prior to the corporate world, or Brand Cat, Nevin studied Commercial Art and Design. His first step out of school was as a freelance illustrator using pen and ink, then working in page composition and prepress for a small printing company which eventually led to account management and then to the Pillsbury company.