Discover what makes your business extraordinary and bring it to life. 

No matter what industry  you are in, there is a great deal of competition. To differentiate your business, certain steps need to be taken to clarify what it is you want to do.  By discovering  what your customers are looking for, we will uncover unique intersections and key ideas that can be activated in order to help deliver a results driven brand, making  your business unique  in todays marketplace.

Taking ideas and bringing them to life by naming,  branding, re-branding, product positioning, website, promotion, packaging or a myriad of other ways is how our clients truly become extraordinary. 

 Nevin Nolder III, Brand Cat Founder

Nevin Nolder III, Brand Cat Founder

Nevin Nolder III - curious and creative guy who enjoys all things brand building and design.

After many years in the corporate world working with brands such as Häagen-Dazs and Green Giant, a couple of attorneys asked Nevin to take a look at their brand identity and website. After digging around a bit he was amazed at the lack of creativity in the world of lawyering, after all why should Betty have all the fun? The project resulted in a refreshing new way of bringing the firm's personality and relationship with their clients to life, taking them beyond the functional to a much more meaningful level.

Brand Cat was founded in the Spring of 2015 and has enjoyed over a full year of adventure with a wide spectrum of clients.

Alongside the brand building experience, he's got passion for great design, as the lead for visual strategy of the Betty Crocker brand he pioneered methods to assure compliance along with inspired design across all touch-points for the integrated marketing team. His initial work with the Pillsbury Company included design of seasonal Toaster Strudel and Totino's Pizza Roll packaging. "I've been accused of either being a designer trapped in the role of a strategist, or of denying my inner designer from fully escaping". 

Prior to the corporate world, or Brand Cat, Nevin studied Commercial Art and Design. His first step out of school was to start freelancing by creating pen and ink illustrations for a local business that created awards such as plaques and trophies, this led to customer service, sales and account management work with a printing company within the graphics department and eventually to the lap of the Pillsbury Doughboy. 

Outside of the office Nevin also applies his love of design to home remodeling and rehabilitation of investment properties. "If I had taken a slightly different turn in my career it would have been toward real estate, I am always fascinated at how housing design has evolved and innovated but still involves great craftsmanship, and how introducing unique and beautiful design touches is how the super successful builders and remodelers create the most margin. Great design creates value anywhere it's applied"