Looking to launch a new product or revitalize an existing package? When it comes to all things packaging we've got depth. Having managed all manner of packaging endeavors over the year,  Brand Cat brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your final product.



Creative Brief Writing

  • Key to creating truly effective packing is the creative brief.  A great creative brief not only aligns all stakeholders, making for a smooth and efficient project, but should inspire extraordinary creativity. 
  • Brand Cat can lead the gaining of input, support and buy-in of the creative brief.

Cost Analysis/ Project Financial Management 

  • Finding the designer or agency that is the best fit for the money is often one of the greatest challenges. Brand Cat can provide cost analysis and recommendations of agencies or independent designers based on project objectives.
  • Management of project financials to insure objectives are met, and project is executed within budget.

Comprehensive Project Management

  • Simply put: entire task, from strategy to completed packaging at plant. On time, on the money.