We use a proven process designed to discover and understand the hidden and not so hidden gems of your business. This combined with insights from your consumers hearts and minds can reveal superb ideas to position your brand and effectively communicate the message to the market in a way that’s unique and powerful. We call it the Brand Advancer process. 

This process will involve facilitating sessions both with your team and potentially your customers or consumers. Beyond developing exciting and actionable strategies, the sessions offer a unique  learning experience that will help you understand many aspects of great brand building.


Brand Architecture

  • The strategy centerpiece and sounding board to all brand activity. 
  • illuminate ideas that can grow the brand to provide cues as to what activity would dilute or cause the marketing to fall out of alignment. 
  • Can be created not only for brands or business, but for teams or organizations.

Brand Story

  • Inspires any and all creative activity performed on behalf of your brand
  • Brings meaning and builds connections; human connections. No matter the product or service, ultimately the decision to buy it is made by a human being whether it's at the store shelf or even a B2B relationship. 
  • Sheds light on the character (your brand) in the same way a story about your brother’s misadventure in car buying provides the sense of tension and comedy that you can relate to and actually find intriguing.

Brand Guide

  • The brand guide contains all material about the brand, bringing it to life visually and verbally, providing guidelines and usage for all assets.
  • This guide can insure efficiency with fewer rounds of revisions.